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Even if the program is not perfect when it comes to saving search logs, it does not fail to offer you a functional and user-friendly tool with a cute aesthetic.

There is certainly no shortage of sketching applications on the Internet. In terms of design, simplicity and flexibility, there is no application that beats a pen and paper; using a real, physical paper to create an original design (in any medium) is an effective tool for improving creativity.
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Successful management of a L3--L4 transarticular extension of sepsis due to neglected Wilms' tumour.
We present a case report of a chronic encapsulated swelling over the right lumbar spine causing severe pain, who was treated successfully with minimally invasive surgical management. A previously neglected 8cm spherical mass arising from the posterolateral L3 and L4 region was associated with chronic sepsis. Following removal of the focus of infection, the mass was 79d0ba445c guglfla

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It doesn't matter if you don't...

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It's the thing we do at Reedsy — listening to our readers. Today, we are going to be talking about how to write a video tutorial.

How to Write a Video Tutorial

The advantages of conducting a video tutorial over a written tutorial are plenty and well laid out in our post: 10 Reasons You Need to Write a Video Tutorial.

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