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Mensaje por Edwardbuh » 08 Jun 2022, 22:27

What are you supposed to do?

This tool is intended to help you to test the quality of service in two different ways:
– Diffserv

The mc-tos command line tool is composed of two main components:

The “driver” component:
This component consists in a command line execution tool that allows you to define the IP multicast traffic and manage the multicast route information you want to use for your test. 50e0806aeb garcarl ... test-2022/ ... clid=63262 ... ?clid=6827 ... erum-15ml/ ... ate-16-oz/

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Mensaje por StevenTaism » 09 Jun 2022, 02:29

To try out the tool, go to the group task blog (lab room), click on "Download a free image to take a screenshot," then download the attachment, and run the app. If you want to take a program screenshot, save the program output in the same folder. When you open the program, the app will take an int n of the image and create a white bitmap with n bits where the pixel are black. So from the following example, it saves the darkest n ( 50e0806aeb walbfor ... ey-for-pc/ ... wnaliy.pdf ... test-2022/ ... dated-2022 ... clid=17197 ... 7973#p7973 ... ementor-2/ ... assist-60/